Children with Special Needs

Child Care Referrals

Child Action, Inc. offers enhanced child care referral to parents with children with special needs. This additional service allows parents to work directly with Child Action, Inc.’s Child Care Information Specialists in their search for child care.

For more information about this service, please call Child Action, Inc.’s public referral line at 1 (916) 369-0191.

All parents, regardless of their children’s need or family circumstance, deserve quality child care. To assist you in your search, we have designed a short list of things to consider, focusing on care for children with special needs. As you look over the list, you will want to make revisions that meet your child’s individual needs and your family values. While you search, you don’t need to tell each provider your child’s whole story, which will come later as you narrow your search down to a few providers. In the beginning, just keep it simple. You should, however, give each provider enough balanced, appropriate information so that the provider can begin to think about how to provide appropriate care for your child.

Things  to Consider:

  • What are your child’s special needs?
  • What are your expectations of child care? Are you looking for special education services? Are your expectations realistic?
  • Does the provider have experience caring for special needs children? Are you willing to work with someone who is inexperienced but open to learning more about how to care for your child?
  • Is the provider open to treating your child as other children are treated? How does the provider interact with your child during the visit?
  • Is the facility/home wheel chair accessible, if needed?
  • What adaptive equipment does your child use? Can this equipment be transported to child care?
  • How are meals and snacks served? What are the sleeping and toileting arrangements?
  • Does the provider have experience in providing a special diet or in feeding techniques?
  • Does the provider know sign language, if needed?
  • Will the provider accept direction from your physician/clinic, if needed? Will the provider work well with your child’s established support team?

Speak with your prospective provider about your unique child.  Talk  about the kinds of activities your child especially enjoys as well as those activities that may be difficult for them.

Share information about how your child communicates wants or needs-  talking, crying, gestures, signs, or a combination of techniques. Starting with open, honest communication can build a strong relationship with your caregiver that can last a lifetime!